Why Market Metrics?

Market Metrics became the leading market research firm for advisor-sold investment and insurance products by focusing on a clear strategy to deliver value to our clients.

Our client relationships are completely confidential. Although we work with most of the leading firms in the industry, we do not publicize our client list, nor do we share the contents of any client conversations. We do not advertise the results of our research.

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Enhanced Client Decision Making

You can expect the following from our data and client services:

  • Superb in-person presentations

  • Facilitated brainstorming/action-planning sessions

  • Ongoing, informal one-on-one and small group meetings

  • Confidential discussions

  • Responsive follow-up

High Quality Data

Market Metrics data is:

  • Accurate

  • Customized

  • Relevant to key business issues

  • Trended every year